Carmen and James went on a road trip and took these photos.

Mobil Mart building, pinnacle of modern design

Sea Ranch condominium

Sea Ranch condo courtyard

weird bed thing in Sea Ranch condo

Sweetest Citibank in the world, Fresno

beautiful Oregon landscape modern building in Portland

it appears that Portland's "Motorbank" is for lease. I would move there.

not the ugliest building i've ever seen.

Doug Fir coffee shop in Portland. I would eat there right now if it were in Palms.

Not the ugliest building in Portland.

\ The ugliest building in the world.


Halprin-designed park in Portland. Danger!

Another Halprin-designed park in Portland. Last year, 18 people were seriously injured at this park, and 3 children lost their lives. I made that up, I think.



Weyerhaeuser Headquarters, Federal Way, WA near Tacoma.


Weyerhaeuser. They know rocks

The Seattle Public Library. These are the photos you actually wanted to see.

Nerf furniture

That's a wicked good atrium

The elevator guide.

King County Building, Seattle. Clad in metal.

New fountain that people like, and Space Needle, which is expensive to ride up.

Yamasaki-designed thing for 1964 fair, now a science museum with a dinosaur.

The ugliest building in Seattle.

Rainier Tower, Yamasaki designed thing, people see it, get vertigo, pass out, hence soylent green.

Formerly architects' office, Eastlake.

Architects' office, Eastlake.

Ugly Steven Holl church in Seattle.

Victor Steinbrueck's house, Seattle. He designed the Space Needle.

UW's architecture school building.

Looking toward North Vancouver.

There is a building with giant garter belts on its top.

This looks like a picture of Russ sticking his tongue out and with a lightning bolt going through him.


UBC, Museum of Anthropology, Arthur Erickson


this and following: Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC, Arthur Erickson et al. There is enough concrete to satisfy even the biggest concrete lover!