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For ride reports of previous Googie Coffee Shop Bicycle Rides, see the Lower Modernisms blog.

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introduction to the Stucco Beast
ingenious cartoons
photos of the "vernaculari" Ralph's (formerly Hughes Market)
photos from a roadtrip to the Pacific Northwest
the 2005 architecture portfolio
photos from a field trip to the Salton Sea
photos from a vacation trip to Japan
photos from another field trip to the Salton Sea in 2008
photos of the Children's Bureau of Southern California
scans of a magazine feature on the Huntington Beach Central Public Library
The cincuenta taquerías project
Gallery of Photos of The Village Green
Gallery of Photos and Diary of 2010 European Vacation
The Lower Modernisms project

Cycling-related things:

photos of my fixed-gear Swift Folder (updated September 2007)
photos of the homemade cycling cap
template for the homemade cycling cap (a PDF document)
photos of the circa 1950 Raleigh Clubman I found for $90 for a friend
the dual position fork-end
photos of my former Fuji Sagres commuter bike
photos of my former Surly Karate Monkey drop-bar mountain bike
design drawings of the Travelfolder, an original folding bicycle concept
cargo bikes photographed in Asia
photos of my former Nishiki International commuter bikes
photos of my former ALAN cyclocross bicycle
photos of my custom New Cycle Truck cargo bicycle
scans of an ALAN bicycles brochure
photos of my Centurion Semi Pro bicycle
photos of my homemade wool trousers to cycling knickers conversion
photos of my Centurion Pro Tour bicycle
photos of my Panasonic Professional aka PRO-7000 bicycle
photos of my Rawland rSogn bicycle

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