February 18, 2006:

Have a look at James Black's Fuji Sagres commuter bicycle.

I'm proud to share with you a series of photos and a brief description of what's unusual about my latest bicycle build, a circa 1986 Fuji Sagres sports-touring bike decked out as transportation bike. (editor's note: As of 2007, this bike is disassembled, replaced in daily use by the Nishiki International.) I snapped it up cheap on eBay and replaced nearly all the parts on it with components I already owned. It's got the seat tube 62cm c-c and the top tube 59cm c-c.

This is what it looks like surrounded by Los Angeles:





It is my fortune that some lunatic genius thought that it made sense to combine metallic ice blue and metallic dark grey into a color scheme. We are all rich who live in a society where bicycles like these have such low market value.

The SR Royal stem is smooth and elegant, not least because it has a hot dog-shaped flute in its side. Look at it too long, and you’ll find the bike steering itself to 7-11 for a couple of Big Bites and a blue raspberry Slurpee.

The Sagres sports a five-speed internal gear hub with drum brake, with its thumbshifter usefully mounted onto the left bar-end of a Nitto Grand Randonneur handlebar.

The platform of the front rack is unobstructed, as one must not interfere with pizza-carrying capacity. Therefore the hub-powered Lumotec headlight is located just below the platform, on an ESGE machined aluminum mount. I also devised a way to keep the cyclocomputer inconspicuously out of the way, but still visible while riding – it is clamped to the right front brake pad. I did this by screwing the female half of a seat binder bolt onto the exposed screw-end of the brake pad, and then fastened the computer mount to a P-clamp sized to fit the binder bolt.

I bent the non-adjustable upper stays of the rear rack to go around the chainstays in order to get the platform more level, as it is clearly sized for a smaller bike. This had the added benefit of making the rack noticeably stiffer and reducing the shimmy caused by loads on my rear rack.

I clamped the enormous-but-cheap 18 LED taillight to the seat tube (seat post in these photos) with the mount Cat-Eye provided for the smaller taillight which is mounted on the reflector bracket of the rear rack.

So far, the hemp twine whipping is holding up well. I want to wrap twine around everything now.

James Black : chocotaco at gmail.com

Some more photos: click on thumbnails for larger expanded view.

General View

Another General View

Another General View

Lamp mounting

Another lamp mounting

delicious stem



VALite tubing sticker

monster taillight mount

monster taillight activated

rack stays bent around seatstays for better performance

Sachs Pentasport Torpedo hub with drum brake

headtube and friends

thumbshifter mounted on drop bar

Takagi Tourney crank

MKS BMX-7 pedal

Deore XT dynohub

cyclocomputer mounted on brake pad

crank region

crank region again