James Black's Centurion Semi-Pro (Semi-Professional)

Current build with new-old-stock Elina Super Pro saddle to match original, and a switch to Shimano aero brake levers. Photo 3 September 2010.

New photos shot on a clear Los Angeles day at Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook, December 13, 2009, following a complete overhaul:

I believe this is from 1976, based on the serial number beginning with "M6". I found this on Craigslist - it appears to have seen little use and be absolutely stock, except for the tires, so I have photographed it for posterity before I make any changes to it or even clean it up.

Geometry, per my crude measurement techniques:
seat tube: 62.5cm c-c
top tube: 58cm c-c
BB drop: 65mm
chainstays: 43cm to rearmost wheel position
fork rake: 52mm
head tube angle: 72 degrees
seat tube angle: 71.5 degrees (!?) these angles were measured relative to the top tube, which was assumed to be horizontal)
Tange Champion No. 1 tubing

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