Architecture and cityscape photos shot in Japan, during a traveltime vacation, February-March 2007.
My scanner makes the pictures look blurry, which gives them extra atmosphere.

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The actual good photos shot by Cham, in color, on FLICKR

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Graffiti in Shibuya

Cham in front of the 1964 Olympic Stadium, by Kenzo Tange

Tod's Omotesando building by Toyo Ito

The Tower House, home of architect Takamitsu Azuma since 1966. Built on a small footprint.

The Metabolist architect Kiyonori Kikutake in front of the Sky House, his home since 1958.

Sky House.

Yokohama Port Terminal.

Yokohama Port Terminal.

Looks like a juice box, but gets you drunk: for about 80 cents, you can get a box of decent sake at the convenience store.

Residential streetscape in Taito-Ku.

Residential streetscape in Taito-Ku.

Cham in another Taito-Ku streetscape.